"Don't Be a Clown Bro": Bryce Harper's New UA T-Shirt

Get pictures and retail info for Bryce Harper's new "Don't be a Clown Bro" Under Armour t-shirt.

Bryce Harper Clown T-Shirt

In his first season in the Bigs, Washington Nationals superstar slugger Bryce Harper has been tearing up major league pitching. You've probably heard about the question he was asked after a recent game north of the border. A member of the Toronto media wanted to know if Harper would enjoy a local beer to celebrate his monster home run, to which Harper, a devout Mormon, responded, "that's a clown question bro."

The phrase instantly became an Internet sensation. Now, you can support Harper with a new Under Armour t-shirt, available in dark blue or white, featuring the legend, "Don't Be a Clown Bro" on the front with "BH" for Bryce Harper with his #34 on the back of the neck.

The shirt goes on sale next Tuesday, July 10, for $25 at select DC retail locations and on UA.com.

Photo: UA.com

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock