Build Boulder Shoulders With These Landmine Pressing Progressions

These landmine press variations will add bulk and strength to your shoulders.

Landmine pressing exercises are a great way to build shoulder strength and a joint-friendly alternative to classic pressing exercises.

You may already be fans of classic landmine shoulder exercises, such as the Half-Kneeling Press. This is a fantastic move that's applicable to many athletes.

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Recently, I've been exerperimenting with banded landmine exercises and have had great success.

Using a band adds accommodating resistance, meaning that as the band lengthens it gets more difficult to challenge the full range of motion on the rep—not just at the weakest point.

These various progressions are great to add to your repertoire for developing hypertrophy in the shoulder region and hitting your core. It's always great to revamp your training program, challenge yourself mentally and strengthen your shoulders for any contact sport.

To set it up, simply loop one end of a band over the collar of a barbell and stand in the opposite loop of the band with the foot on the same side as the arm that you're working.

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Here are some of my favorite landmine shoulder exercises using bands.

1. Band-Resisted Landmine Press

2. Band-Resisted Staggered Landmine Press - Place the foot not in the band an inch or two behind the front foot. Push through the movement. A little bent knee movement is OK to assist you.

3. Band-Resisted Explosive Landmine Step To Press - This variation is great for football defensive linemen who want to rip (explode) through their opponents.

4. Band-Resisted Split-Squat Landmine Press - This pressing motion strengthens your chest and shoulders, similar to when you use a dumbbell or perform Incline Presses. Each rep starts from a split-squat position to engage your glutes, quads and hamstrings.

5. Band-Resisted Tall Kneeling Landmine Press - Power has to be expressed through the transverse plane for a successful pressing motion. The core is also targeted. This variation requires efficient shoulder strength when pressing with the band.

6. Band-Resisted Half Kneeling Landmine Press - This progression provides a static hip flexor stretch, activates your glutes and braces your core, so you're effectively increasing stiffness through effective hip extension. More importantly, it promotes lateral and rotary core stability. Through this setup there is great thoracic mobility. Each pressing movement is more intensified with the external resistance.

Although these progressions might seem tough for novices, advanced trainers, lifters and athletes should perform them. One big benefit of landmine pressing progressions is that they increase core strength, because throughout each movement your body wants to rotate. You must learn to counteract unwanted movements throughout the Press. More importantly, these progressions counteract muscle imbalances on each side of the body. Lastly, shoulder stability is important throughout each one these progressions, providing strength and increasing joint durability.

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