Build Full-Body Strength With This 10-Minute Workout

If you do this 10-minute workout right, you will be gasping for air in around 8 minutes and wishing the thing was over.

Ten minutes! That's all you need to get a full-body circuit workout that is intense, powerful and will take you right to some big-time gains.

It includes two of my favorite exercises: the Trap Bar Deadlift and the Push-Up, combined in a full-body circuit that will bring your muscle-building hormones out and seriously elicit huge gains in your strength.

I didn't create this workout to save you time. I shortened the time to 10 minutes because if you do this right, you will be gasping for air in around 8 minutes and wishing the workout was over. Ha-ha!

Trap Bar Deadlift


  • Set up a Trap Bar with weight you can lift for 15 reps.
  • Set two 14-inch plyo boxes (the smaller ones) about shoulder-width apart.

10-Minute AMRAP

  • Go back and forth between doing 10 reps of Trap Bar Deadlift and 10 Reps of Plyo Push-Ups
  • No Rest.
  • Attack this for 10 minutes straight, completing as many rounds as you can.

Two things happen here:

1. Your legs and lats will be tortured with the Trap Bar Deadlift!

Be sure to use a good weight but not too much. I use 225 pounds because I'm able to get 15 reps clean with that weight. Your form will want to break once you get tired. It's the body's natural way of compensation. My suggestion is to do this in front of a mirror and make sure that your form is spot on!

What's good form?

Chest up, knees out and back flat. Do not lift the weight with a hunchback. Also, your arms should be locked out straight with your shoulders slightly pulled back.

2. Your chest will be on fire from the Plyo Push-Ups.

If you can do all 10 minutes without switching to the easier form of the Push-Up (which I show in the video), then I want to meet you! Email me now. Ha-ha!

The Plyo Push-Up should be an explosive movement, done as fast as you possibly can. More than likely, you will lose the "pop" you have with your arms somewhere around the third or fourth set. That's just your glycolytic energy system getting depleted.

If you feel your form slipping, go to the easier form and make sure your push-up form is spot on.

10 minutes, 10 reps for each and as many rounds as possible.

You got this?

Chase It!

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock