Build Injury-Proof Shoulders With the Crossover Symmetry Resistance Band System

This resistance band system builds the strong shoulders athletes need for explosive movements.

Crossover Symmetry is an ideal piece of equipment for athletes who are looking to develop shoulders that are strong and resistant to injury.

Shoulders are susceptible to nagging pain and injury from overuse, poor posture and function, or lack of strength in the muscles that support the joint. The shoulder joint is incredibly mobile, but it needs to be maintained to handle high performance sports skills and heavy lifting.

That's why pitchers and other overhead athletes regularly perform resistance band exercises to strengthen their shoulders.

But too often, athletes fail to properly train their shoulders. They perform a select few exercises, and they don't address the many muscles that are essential to shoulder function—such as the rotator cuff and muscles in the upper back. This leaves them susceptible to the injuries they are trying to prevent.

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"A lot of athletes who use their shoulders extensively need a quick and easy therapy program that can help them manage pain or hopefully prevent it," says Matt Unthank, director of sales and training at Crossover Symmetry.

At first, Crossover Symmetry might look like a set of resistance bands. The Individual Package includes two sets of resistance bands selected based on your level of strength. Or you can choose the Deluxe Kit, which includes bands that provide resistance from 3 to 40 pounds.

Beyond resistance bands, Crossover Symmetry provides everything an athlete needs to properly train his or her shoulders in the gym, on the field or at home. It comes with mounting straps that connect to a door or squat rack, carabiners to attach the bands, a mobility sack to improve t-spine mobility and a carrying bag.

Most importantly, it includes the information you need to effectively strengthen your shoulders. The Training Guide features 43 pages of guidelines, tips, exercise instructions and a 30-day shoulder plan. You also gain access to the online Training Zone, which has video demonstrations of the exercises.

Five workouts that focus on either activation, strength, mobility or recovery are detailed on the accompanying placard. Exercises are clearly illustrated and have prescribed reps and guidance on choosing the proper resistance.

"What we are doing has been in the clinical world for years now," explains Unthank. "Everything we do has to be practical, structured and efficient because that's what increases consistency."

Having several shoulder strength and health routines to choose from allows athletes to easily integrate them into their workouts, and ensures they will develop every muscle that acts on the shoulder.

I have been testing Crossover Symmetry for a few months, and I'm pleased with the equipment. The resistance bands, attachment systems and placard are constructed of quality materials, which should withstand repeated use in the weight room.

Each workout has seven exercises, which vary depending on the specific routine. I particularly enjoy the Activation routine, which I use to prepare my body for heavy lifts. Most importantly, each routine takes only five minutes or so to complete and can easily be added to any workout.

So whether you're a pitcher who needs a strong shoulder or someone who enjoys throwing heavy weights around, I recommend checking out Crossover Symmetry to improve your health and performance. For more information, check out

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