Build Strength With This Advanced Farmer's Walk Routine

STACK Expert Kelvin King Jr. touts the strength-building power of Farmer's Walks and offers some challenging variations.

Everyone wants to try the newest, coolest exercise, which is sometimes fine. But it can also cause you to forget about staple tried-and-true exercises, which should be a part of nearly every program. One such exercise is the Farmer's Walk.

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Farmer's Walks build muscle fast, slash body fat and increases strength and performance. Farmer's Walks are also very simple—just pick up the weight and walk. Not all that exciting. But you can get creative. With my athletes, I use variations of the Farmer's Walk to create killer routines.

The Farmer's Walk routine below is not for the faint of heart. Walking with a weight might look easy, but it creates an intense metabolic response that increases work capacity. Variations include different holding positions and Lunges, for example, which increase the intensity.

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In terms of strength, this routine hits your entire body. Specifically, it challenges your grip and back, because you're holding the weight. Also, your core is a primary target. By moving while holding a weight, you force your core to stabilize, allowing your limbs to move freely—a critical skill for maximizing power in your sport. Understanding the importance of grip strength and the ability to carry heavy objects through various planes can make the difference between dominating an opponent or being dominated.

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  • Place two cones 10 to 15 yards apart. You will walk back and forth between them.
  • You need a heavy and light set of dumbbells to complete this routine. The dumbbells you choose are based on the holding position.
  • Perform walking variations of each exercise before progressing to the lunging progressions shown.
  • Focus on maintaining perfect form throughout the routine. If you feel your form faltering, either lighten the load or take a rest.
  • Choose from the following routine formats depending on your goal:
    • For strength: 3-6 x 1-3 minutes per exercise
    • For conditioning : 3-6 x 1-5 minutes per exercise

Advanced Farmer's Walk Routine

Build Strength With This Advanced Farmer's Walk Routine

  • Farmer's Walk Holds Reverse Lunge
  • Front Rack Holds Reverse Lunge
  • Waiter Carry Reverse Lunge
  • Double-Arm Waiter Carry Reverse Lunge
  • Goblet Hold Reverse Lunge
  • Staggered Hold Reverse Lunge
  • Plate Lockouts Reverse Lunge

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