Bulked Up Bengals Linebacker Carl Lawson Might Have The Biggest Biceps in The NFL

If Carl Lawson's biceps are any indication, he's going to have a big season in 2018.

Carl Lawson had a strong debut season with the Cincinnati Bengals, leading all NFL rookies with 8.5 sacks.

But if his biceps are any indication, Lawson could be in for an even bigger sophomore campaign. The edge defender showed up to the Bengals' recent organized team activities sporting a freakish physique, which was captured by Nick Graham of the Journal-News:

Compare that photo to this shot of Lawson from last June, and he looks like he's gone through an incredible transformation. However, he recently told The Athletic he's only put on about three or four pounds. He believes the real key to his severely swollen biceps is the fact he only just started including Bicep Curls into his routine.

"I never did Curls, really, so I started to do Curls this offseason. This is really the first time I started doing some upper-body work—not that serious, 50-pound dumbbells. Just some beach muscle-type stuff," Lawson told The Athletic. If his goal was to get ready for beach season, mission accomplished. But Lawson's not just some jacked-up muscle head incapable of fluid athletic movement. The guy can bend around the edge like Gumby, and his hand combat skills look to be elite:

"I'm still fast, just as fast. A lot stronger though," Lawson said. While Bicep Curls might not be the most important exercise for sports performance, it's clear Lawson includes a lot more than that in his training routine.