Burn Off Those Extra Thanksgiving Calories With These Fat-Burning Full-Body Exercises

Perform this killer workout to get back in shape after Thanksgiving.

So you just crushed enough Thanksgiving food to feed a family of four. I get it. Thanksgiving is one of the days you can devour heavy, rich and delicious foods without guilt.

That is, until you wake up the next day feeling like you gained 10 pounds.

But it's OK. There's still hope for shedding the extra calories.

The solution? The following workout features 5 full-body exercises that maximize the number of calories burned with every rep you perform.

Ready? Let's go!


  • Perform each movement for 1 minute straight, no rest. Choose a pair of dumbbells on the lighter side. Grab a weight that you can use if you were to easily knock out 25 reps of Shoulder Raises.
  • After each movement, rest for 30 seconds before moving on.
  • Rest for 1.5 minutes between rounds.
  • Repeat for 4 rounds.

Bing, Bang, Boom! You will nail every muscle in your body, sweat your butt off and seriously get back in shape quickly.

The Moves

1. 2 Jump Squats to 2 Split-Squat Jumps

Start off by frying your legs right away. Be sure to keep your chest up the entire time and keep those knees straight!

2. Dumbbell Forward and Side Raise Combo

Now it's time to fry your upper body. This move hits both the front and sides of your shoulders. Be sure to keep your chest up the whole time and use proper form. For real, Bro—if you can't get the weights up to chin height, you need to drop down.

3. Wrestling Stance Push/Pull

Get in a low stance with both knees bent. As one arm pushes, the other arm pulls right to your abdomen. If your quads get tired, switch your forward foot. Have fun with this one.

4. Overhead Get-Ups

If your shoulders were not fried from Move 2, this will be the icing on the cake. Keep your arms straight the entire time and use your core and legs to get up and down. Big time abs burner right here!

5. Forward Lunge with Lateral Shoulder Raise

Just to make sure your legs, shoulders and core all get fried, end with this Lunge and Shoulder Raise combo. Switch legs at 30 seconds.

There you go. A killer workout that will without a doubt get you back into shape after Thanksgiving.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock