We Watched Cam Newton Play Tight End And It Was Terrifying [Video]

The 2015 NFL MVP lined up as a wideout during a recent 7v7 tournament, and he was every bit as dominant as you'd expect.

Standing 6-foot-5 and weighing in at 245 pounds of chiseled marble, Cam Newton looks a lot more like a linebacker or a tight end than a quarterback. In fact, several high profile college coaches thought Newton was meant to play tight end when the athlete was coming out of high school.

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There were (and still are) plenty of reasons to think the Carolina Panthers' quarterback and 2015 NFL MVP would thrive at tight end, too. His massive frame and elite athleticism would make him a match-up nightmare for any defend he would require constant double-teams. In 2010, former University of Georgia head coach Mark Richt (now at the University of Miami) told 247Sports.com, "We actually had [Newton] pegged more as a tight end prospect. A lot of it had to with what we liked to do offensively. It was more of a fit."

Well, Richt's vision became reality at the recent Cam Newton Foundation 7v7 Tournament in Atlanta. There, we had the chance to see Newton run various routes and snag some passes. It was just as frightening for opponents as you'd imagine. Newton's gigantic frame glided effortlessly across the turf while his massive mitts easily engulfed any ball in his vicinity. Check out the video above to see Newton in action.

Cam Newton Tight End

Cam Newton Tight End

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