Cam Newton Revives the Dab After Dragging Three Defenders into the Endzone

His iconic touchdown celebration is officially back.

Ever since Cam Newton announced he was retiring the Dab, the Migos-created dance move that he performed after almost every touchdown during his 2015 MVP season, Newton and the Carolina Panthers have been in decline. A year after reaching the Super Bowl, they sit at just 3-5, good for last in the NFC South, and Newton's numbers are down across the board.

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This afternoon against the Kansas City Chiefs, Newton appears to have recaptured some of last year's magic, especially during the play above, when he took a snap near the goal line, then plowed through three Chiefs defenders and dragged them all into the end zone for six. Newton popped up, strolled to the back of the end zone and promptly dabbed.

Although the Panthers lost the game, Newton became the first player in NFL history to pass for 20,000 yards and rush for 3,000 yards over his first six seasons. The dab is officially back, and perhaps Cam Newton is too.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock