Carissa Moore Beats Defeat, and So Can You

Professional surfer Carissa Moore has learned to turn a tough 2012 into a positive. Learn how at

Carissa Moore

STACK posts plenty of motivational pieces on finding your passion, but we never thought we'd hear an athlete admit to relearning to love their sport after a lackluster season.

2011 was a killer year for Hawaiian surfer Carissa Moore. She became the youngest winner of the ASP Women's World Tour and racked up first place finishes at the Billabong Rio Pro, Commonwealth Bank Beachley Classic and Roxy Pro Gold Coast. She was also the first woman to be given the honor of a wildcard entry into the Men's Triple Crown of Surfing. (Hear Moore talk about winning the 2010 Women's U.S. Open of Surfing.)

2012 was a different story. Although she finished the year ranked in third place, Moore didn't win a single event. She says, "This was actually kind of a challenging year. The year before went really well. This year was just trying to find that new passion, that new drive or goal. I was feeling a little lost. When I handed over that trophy to [Stephanie Gilmore] in France, it was like that was me last year, and I didn't like handing it back over."

Most of us would feel like moping after a year like that, but that's not how Moore responded.

"Overall, this was a very enlightening year, even as difficult and challenging as it was," she says. "When you lose, you ask yourself a bunch of questions: 'What do I want?' 'How am I gonna get there?' and it brings out those really raw emotions. I found a new drive for the sport again, and that's why I'm excited for next year."

So, next time you get passed over by the coach or fail to reach your goal, react like Moore and turn it into fuel for your fire.

"Have confidence," says Moore. "It's tough, especially in our sport of surfing, to be consistent, because a lot has to do with Mother Nature, and you never know what's going to happen. But put yourself in the position and give yourself the opportunity to seize it when it comes. Make the best of the moment when it arises."

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