CCM Announces New Super Tacks Skate, Featuring One-Piece Boot Frame For Maximum Power

A quick review of CCM's new Super Tacks hockey skates. Enter a contest to win a pair.

CCM Super Tacks Skate

Hockey players want maximum power on the ice. Thanks to biomechanics research and state-of-the-art construction, the new CCM Super Tacks skate will all give them all the power they need. The skate's design can enhance a hockey player's performance.

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The Super Tacks skate has a one-piece composite monoframe, eliminating the need for an outsole in traditional skates. The skate has a close heel lock and custom fit, which gives players effective foot-to-skate contact and helps them generate maximum power and acceleration.

You have a chance to win a pair of Super Tacks skates. CCM is sponsoring a contest that will reward 200 players. To enter, go to and post a video showing and telling why you deserve to win the skates. The contest ends April 4. CCM Super Tacks sakes will be released on the open market in summer 2016.

Super Tacks Skate


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock