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Develop lower-body power that translates to the field by performing Chain Box Squats. Learn about the exercise and why it's so effective at

Chain Box Squat

Athletes in all sports need to build dynamic lower-body strength, and nothing works better than the Chain Box Squat. The Chain Box Squat is superior to a standard Squat for two reasons:

  1. By using a box, you learn to explode out of a low position without the advantage of dropping down first. This makes the exercise ideal for athletes who often begin a play in a squatted down position and need to quickly explode out of their stance.
  2. The chains increase the weight as you rise up away from the ground. This mimics your natural strength curve. Without the dynamic resistance of chains or bands, the resistance is the same throughout the lift, even though you are stronger at the top than at the bottom. This means that you are never challenged at the top of the lift, despite the fact that athletes usually spend more time at the top of the movements in their sport than they do at the bottom. Think about the last time you played football. How many times did you have your hips below your knees? Chains allow the top part of the lift to get heavier, forcing you to challenge yourself throughout the entire lift.

Chain Box Squat

  • Start as you would a normal Squat, feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart and toes pointing slightly out
  • Begin lowering yourself to the box by breaking at the hips and keeping your chest up
  • Lower yourself completely to the box (don't fall onto the box, move under control)
  • Pause on the box
  • Relax your legs while keeping your back tight
  • Explode back to a standing position, driving through your heels

There you have it. Start incorporating the Chain Box Squat into your workout and watch your explosion go through the roof!

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