Charles Barkley Is Turning Down $3 Million Because He Refuses to Tweet

Charles Barkley turned down an offer of $3 million to post his opinions on Twitter.

Charles Barkley doesn't want to spew hot takes on Twitter. Not even for the enticing price of $3 million.

An NBA analyst on TNT's Inside The NBA, Barkley appeared on The Dan Le Batard Show on Tuesday. And he said he's been offered as much as $3 million to tweet his opinions.

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"I said, 'Y'all can't pay me enough money to tweet,'" he said on the show. "I will never tweet, I will never do Instagram or any type of social media because . . . there's some evil people who sit behind a computer and feel like they can say anything to anybody."

Barkley has talked about his reluctance to use Twitter before, saying he does not want to give people a chance to respond to his opinions.

Barkley's reasons for not using Twitter are understandable. He usually speaks his mind, uncensored, and Twitter would let him do that. But if he used a polarizing platform like Twitter, his opinions would garner praise from fans—but those same opinions would be ridiculed also.

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Listen to the full audio of Barkley on The Dan Le Batard Show below.

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