Check Out Cam Newton's Outrageous Pregame Cleats That Feature An Actual Foxtail

These are his most ridiculous kicks yet.

Cam Newton's Cleats

Before the Carolina Panthers took on the New Orleans Saints on Thursday Night Football, quarterback Cam Newton hit the field to warm up in some of his craziest cleats yet. Newton has been known to rock some pretty wild pairs of his signature Under Armour cleats during pregame warmups, but tonight's pair, inspired by his postgame outfits, were next level.

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Entitled the C1N MC "High Society" Cleat, Newton's kicks were inspired by his affinity for loud Versace pants and the foxtail that he often wears as an accessory to his post-game meetings with the media. The cleats feature a zebra patten upper, gold streaks throughout and a foxtail hanging off the back. Once they hit social media, they set the Internet ablaze, and for good reason. Here's a closer look.

Cam Newton's Cleats

As the Panthers look to turn their season around before it's too late, one thing can never be held down, and that's Cam Newton's swag.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock