Check Out Rob Gronkowski's Pre-Lift Warm-Up

Gronk coaches his brothers through the Dynamic Warm-Up he uses to prepare his body for intense workouts and competition.

Do you want to get the most out of every rep in your workout? Do you want to perform at your peak at the start of a game? Do you want to stay injury-free?

If you answered yes to even one of these questions—although you probably said yes to all three—a Dynamic Warm-Up is an essential part of every workout and your pre-game routine.

It's not all that exciting, nor is it as fun as lifting serious weight, but the few minutes you spend warming up improves the rest of your workout and reduces your risk of injury. That's why athletes like Rob Gronkowski and his brothers make the Dynamic Warm-Up a priority in their training.

In our society, even athletes sit far too much throughout the day. To make matters worse, they probably sit hunched over with terrible posture. Their muscles tighten and sometimes go dormant, so they are in no way shape or form ready to immediately lift heavy weight or sprint at full speed.

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A proper Dynamic Warm-Up transitions your body from a resting state to a state where you're prepared to perform whatever activity is ahead of you. It includes a combination of exercises that elevate your heart rate, increase your body temperature, activate your muscles and increase your range of motion. It reverses the effects of the daily grind, allowing your body to perform exercises and sports skills with perfect technique and full strength and speed from the first rep or first play.

So although you might want to rush into the gym and start getting your swole on, there's time for that later. The Dynamic Warm-Up is not an option. It's a requirement.

In the video above, the Gronk brothers go through a Dynamic Warm-Up that was inspired by their training with Pete Bommarito at Bommarito Performance Systems in Miami. Rob had already worked out with the Patriots that morning, so he coaches his brothers through this basic Warm-Up. Use it to get your body ready to perform.

  • Jog to Backpedal - 2x15 yards
  • Walking Toe Touches - 1x5 each leg
  • Walking Quad Stretch - 1x5 each leg
  • Butt Kicks - 2x15 yards
  • Shuffle - 1x15 yards each direction
  • Carioca - 1x15 yards each direction
  • Fire Hydrants - 1x8 each side
  • Backward Fire Hydrants - 1x8 each side
  • Forward Fire Hydrants - 1x8 each side
  • Agility Ladder One Foot In - 1x2
  • Agility Ladder Two Feet In - 1x2
  • Agility Ladder Shuffle - 1x1 each direction

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock