Check Out Steph Curry in 'NBA 2K16'

Watch an inspirational 'NBA 2K16' video trailer, "Stephen Curry: Beyond the Shadows," directed and narrated by Spike Lee.

Our first look at gameplay in the forthcoming NBA 2K16 comes with a healthy dose of NBA champ Steph Curry.

In an inspirational NBA 2K16 video trailer entitled "Stephen Curry: Beyond the Shadows," director and narrator Spike Lee takes us through Curry's early hoop years—from his high school days to his outstanding play at Davidson University—and up to his MVP season leading the Golden State Warriors to the pinnacle of basketball success.

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"This is a story playing beyond the shadows. Going beyond the shadows cast by your height, your doubters, and every major conference school—until you start casting your own shadows," says Lee in the video—between splashes of Curry's rise and soundbites from the naysayers—"So, what will your story be?"

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NBA 2K16 will be released on September 29 for PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Gamers who pre-order the title will gain access to the game four days earlier, on September 25.

The makers of 2K recently announced that the game will feature a new mode called 2K Pro-Am, which will allow players to bring their MyCareer characters online to form teams and compete in five-on-five games with NBA rules. Teams will be able to customize jerseys, courts and arenas, and even edit the hardwood to include a logo.

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