LOOK: The First-Ever All-Black Basketball Court at a High School

The Master's Academy in Oviedo, Florida installed the first all black high school basketball court. Check it out on STACK.com.

Basketball courts all look pretty much the same. There are exceptions of course. Some NBA and NCAA courts are painted in vibrant colors or display unique designs, but most of them do not command the fans' attention. Especially at the high school level, the only difference is usually the logo at midcourt.

Well, The Master's Academy in Oviedo, Florida just changed the game for high school hoops courts.

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The Eagles recently installed an all-black basketball court, and it is awesome. It's said to be the first all-black court at the high school level. At the college level, Oakland University in Michigan had an all-black court installed in last April.



In the middle of the court is "TMA" in bright blue to contrast the black.


At the corners of the court there is the blue logo of the school.


The school will be able to show off its new black top at this weekend's second Master's Classic Tournament. Three games will be televised for home viewers to check it out too.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock