Check Out Who @STACKMedia Follows on Twitter

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Twitter has become one of the [if not the] hottest social media marketing tools available to young athletes. Not only can you instantaneously share information with millions of users, you also have the ability to promote yourself to some of the best-known people in the sports performance business. You're already following your favorite source for training, nutrition, sports skills, gear and lifestyle at @STACKMedia, so we decided to share some of our favorite accounts for you to follow, too.

@ToddDurkin – Sports performance trainer Todd Durkin is a favorite among professional athletes, including Super Bowl Champ Drew Brees. Follow Durkin for expert information and motivation throughout the day.

@Gatorade – At STACK, we fuel up with Gatorade, as do many of the world's elite athletes. Follow them for hydration tips and exclusive Twitter contests.

@ochocinco – We had a blast on our STACK magazine cover shoot with the always entertaining and electrifying Ochocinco. Follow Ochocinco for his genuine tweets. He often tweets back to fans, too!

Stay tuned for more of @STACKMedia's favorite Twitter accounts.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock