Chicago Cubs Meet Live Bear Cubs, Cuteness Ensues

The pictures speak for themselves.

Chicago Cubs Meet Live Bear Cub - STACK

The photos speak for themselves. The Chicago Cubs had already been through a Spring Ball season packed with unorthodox training techniques and an occasional prank, but the team really took things up to an adorable new level when they brought in actual bear cubs to meet players on Friday. As you can imagine, the athletes warmed up to the 3-5-month-old cubs immediately:


According to's Jesse Rogers, the cubs hailed from Bearizona Wildlife Park, a 160-acre reserve in Northern Arizona, which we assume is run by professionals who can determine whether allowing pro athletes to play with bear cubs is a wise thing to do. We hope it was, because the photos and videos are seriously awwww-tastic.  




  The visit did not come without penalty, however.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock