Fitness Fail Friday: Chinese Athlete Hurdles in the Most American Way Possible

Watch a Chinese hurdler breaks every single one of his sports rules in the most audacious way possible.

Each Friday, STACK brings you a video of an exercise gone horribly wrong. You may or may not learn something from it, but you will laugh very hard.

You can have Michael Johnson and Carl Lewis. To us, the track athlete who best embodies the American spirit is this unnamed hurdler running in the Chinese University Games.

Let's break down his epic run.

Hurdles 1 and 2: He starts doing things the way they've always been done, knocking over two hurdles and realizing that he's quickly losing ground.

Hurdles 3−7: #Beastmode. In a moment of inspiration, our hero puffs out his chest and starts doing things his way. He plows through Hurdles 3−7 like the Hulk.

Hurdle 8: Why do we fall?

Hurdle 9: So we can learn to pick ourselves back up. And start running in the wrong lane.

Hurdle 10: To fool the judges (who, as everybody knows, are focused only on the finish line), he attempts—and fails—to clear Hurdle 10.

After breaking every single one of his sport's rules in the most audacious way possible, our hurdler strolls past the finish line with his head held high. He did it his way, avoided a last place finish and couldn't give a flying rip about what the world thinks about him.

Thank you, sir. 'Merica salutes you.

Captain America


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock