Hit the Chip Shot

Improve your chip shots with tips and techniques from short game guru Bernhard Langer, conveyed by STACK Expert Chris Costa.

Chip Shot

"Drive for show, putt for dough" sounds good, but what if you can't chip?  Become a better all-around golfer with these tips from short game guru Bernhard Langer.

According to Langer,  you can get better at chipping by:

  • Aiming to land the ball two or three feet on the green so it can run the remaining distance to the hole
  • Leaning a little forward to achieve a 2- to 3-foot chip (a lob shot in this situation is really difficult)
  • Obtaining enough loft on the ball, which requires lots of wrist action—plus, you need to create enough backspin to get the ball to stop dead in its tracks at the flag stick
  • Leaning forward, which helps to close the club face and keep the ball low for a quick bump and run

Divot Problems?

Langer says you need a lofted club while "catching" the ball off your back foot.

  • Visualize where you want the ball to land
  • Give yourself a forward lean to attack the ball
  • Chop the club down, targeting the ball first, ground second

Chip Practice

Test your ability to hit the ball off your back foot for 20 practice shots, then switch to hitting off your front foot. See where your strengths lie. Gauge the difference in your accuracy and check your control.

Golf is tough and all golfers are different. Why make it more difficult? Unfortunately, there isn't an end-all solution, a single best way to chip the ball. What works for one person may not work for another. This is where biomechanics come into play. Practice certainly makes perfect, so practice chipping in various situations. Take time with your practice rounds to gain experience that will make you better when the game begins.

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