5 Questions About Mongoose Team Rider Chris Akrigg's Short Film "Five"

Get the inside scoop on how Mongoose team rider Chris Akrigg put together his short film, "Five."

Mongoose team rider Chris Akrigg recently put together one of the most impressive bike films we've ever seen. In the video "Five," Akrigg showcases his unparalleled skills in all disciplines by riding five different Mongoose bikes. STACK caught up with the six-time British Trials Champion to discuss the making of "Five."

STACK: Tell us about the initial concept and goal of the video.

Akrigg: I had the idea for a multi-bike edit a couple of years ago, but due to a couple of things (namely fracturing my leg twice), I just hadn't got around to getting it shot. I like riding all types of bike, and it just seemed to make sense to get multiple bikes in the same edit.

STACK: Why did you choose the locations you did?

Akrigg: The locations basically had to fit with the bikes and what I thought I could do on the bikes and in a way to help with the storyline. We shot it all in Spain. The main reason for that is the weather, but as you saw, we still had rain, which threatened the limited time. We sort of went with it and turned it into an advantage.

STACK: What were some of your biggest obstacles?

Akrigg: The main thing was getting on a different bike nearly every day, getting used to it, finding what I could do on that bike in the chosen location and making it look impressive. I mean it's not every day you get on a 16-inch bmx and try to put a decent rider section together.

STACK: Did Mongoose's range of bikes live up to your expectations?

Akrigg: I'm really lucky with the bikes I get to ride. Basically, it's made me the rider I am. It gives me total freedom to try all sorts of different riding styles, which I believe gives me really rounded riding ability.

STACK: How do you top this?

Akrigg: I don't think that's how I look at it. It's not about topping it for me. It's about going a totally different way. I have a lot of good ideas. Watch this space.

For more insight on how the film was made, check out the video below.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock