Chris Paul Threw a Bounce Pass Between Four Defenders and It Was Beautiful

Chris Paul's recent LASIK surgery is already paying off.

Chris Paul Pass

Yesterday, we brought you the story of Los Angeles Clippers point guard Chris Paul undergoing LASIK surgery during the offseason to finally clear up the visual issues he has had throughout his NBA career. As if to confirm that story, Paul went out against the Sacramento Kings last night and threw one of the most beautiful passes we've ever seen.

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In the middle of the third quarter, Paul ran a pick and roll with Blake Griffin at the top of the 3-point line. As Griffin rolled to the hoop, four Kings defenders left their men on the perimeter to collapse around Griffin in the paint, suspecting that Paul wanted to get the ball to his power forward for an easy deuce. Paul surveyed the scene, hesitated for a moment to give the four defenders a sense of uncertainty, then unleashed an insane bounce pass that zipped past his defender and the three Kings players surrounding Griffin for a lay-up.

Chris Paul Pass
To fully appreciate the level of difficulty involved in Paul's pass, here's what it looked like when Paul first released the ball. You can see a brief opening, but Kings defenders are already closing down the passing lane. Any one of them could have reached a hand out and tipped the basketball away, right?

Chris Paul Pass

Wrong. Here's the result. It had to be thrown at the perfect time, with the perfect amount of speed and placement. Chris Paul is a wizard, now complete with perfect vision.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock