How the Players Play (MLB All-Star Edition): Chris Perez

At the MLB All-Star game, STACK caught up with Cleveland Indians closer Chris Perez to talk "MLB 12: The Show".

Cleveland Indians closing pitcher Chris Perez stopped by the PlayStation Experience truck at the MLB All-Star FanFest event in Kansas City on July 9. Before Perez and Baltimore Orioles CF Adam Jones went head-to-head in the Home Run Derby on MLB 12: The Show, the Tribe's fireman dished on his favorite features of The Show, revealed his game-playing guidelines, and disclosed how he uses the game to beat real-life, Big League batters.

On his favorite features of The Show:

It's really realistic: everything from the batting stances to the rosters to the players' power numbers. It's like you're playing a real game.

Chris Perez

On his gaming schedule:

I don't play The Show too much during the season, because I don't have time, but it's something I definitely play in the off-season. We have PlayStation and Xbox in our locker room, and I'll take my PlayStation on the road to play Madden and to use it as a DVD player.

On his favorite players/team to play with:

For my season, I'll play with the Indians, but for a one-game playoff, I'll play with a team that has a little more power in their lineup.

On applying the game to real-life game scenarios:

The game is a great scouting tool. Instead of having to do it yourself at the field before a game, you can turn on The Show, play against whoever you're playing that night, and get a feel for their lineup. The stances are up-to-date and everything in the game is legit.

On his strategy for the Home Run Derby:

Swing hard in case you hit it! My job as a closing pitcher is not to give up home runs. For the Home Run Derby, I'm sure I'll be able to catch on pretty fast once I start swinging.

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