The Clippers' New Uniforms are Super Lame

The new Los Angeles Clippers logo and uniforms will never win a design contest.

I'm not going to mince words here—the Los Angeles Clippers' new jerseys are bad.

I've always liked the Clippers' uniforms. They were clean, they were classy and they were inoffensive. Were they amazing? No. Maybe a bit plain, but certainly not bad. That's what makes the redesign especially disappointing. At best, the new uniforms are boring and generic. At worst, they're a total abomination. Either way, they're certainly not an improvement.

The Clippers' New Uniforms are Super Lame

The white "home" jersey is lecture-hall boring. It looks like someone wrote "Clippers" in plain block letters with a sharpie, then messily underlined it with a crayon for emphasis. The design of the red "away" jersey is even more puzzling, with a new letters-within-a-letter logo next to the uniform number. It looks like a D-league practice jersey.

LA Clippers' New Logo

The new logo itself is perplexing, and its blocky, geometric design has very little personality. Supposedly a modern logo, it reminds me of the old Detroit Pistons logo.

You might be thinking, "what's a clipper, anyway?" Glad you asked. According to Miriam-Webster, it is "a very fast type of sailing ship that was used especially in the 1800s."

A clipper is a fast, sleek old-school sailing ship. Is that reflected anywhere in the new logo or uniforms? Nah. For comparison, take a look at the Columbus Clippers, a minor league affiliate of the Cleveland Indians, whose logos and uniform designs borrow heavily from their nautical namesake.

Well, at least the Clippers still have Chris Paul and Blake Griffin, right?


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock