WATCH: College Baseball Player Executes a Bat Flip More Epic Than Jose Bautista's After Crushing a Walk-off Grand Slam

Watch this college baseball player execute an epic bat flip after crushing a grand slam.

Bat Flip

Everyone remembers the awesome bat flip that Toronto Blue Jays right fielder Jose Bautista treated us to in the fifth game of the American League Divisional Series last year. It was probably the most memorable moment of the post-season. Well, the new MLB season isn't underway yet, so we have to turn our attention to college baseball to feed our bat flip appetite.

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Texas A&M-Texarkana's Kenneth Fudge bombed a walk-off grand slam last night against Jarvis Christian (Texas) and reacted with an outrageous bat flip as soon as he knew the sucka was gone.

After crushing the pitch to right center, the leftie batter immediately started walking down the first baseline and chucked his bat across the plate so high and far that it leaves the frame of the video. You can check out the bat flip below to see its full glory.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock