WATCH: College Basketball Player Gets Ejected for Intentionally Tripping Referee

Oregon State basketball player Jarmal Reid was ejected for intentionally tripping a referee as he was running down the court.

Oregon State Player Trips Referee

Hey guys, don't trip referees as they run down the court during your game. Cool?

We never thought we'd have to say that, but Oregon State's Jarmal Reid took on-court composure, or lack of it, to a new low last night. With 2:56 to go in the Beavers' matchup against Utah, Jarmal made an impressive block and fought for control of the ball before slipping to the floor. Clearly disgruntled, he looked at referee Tommy Nunez as he began running back down court, looked away and then stuck his foot directly in front of the trotting ref.

Nunez tumbled to the floor, immediately popped up and called Reid for a technical foul. After a lengthy review, it was determined that the trip was indeed intentional, and Reid was ejected. It was a turning point in the game, fueling a Utah run and potentially costing the Beavers the game. It promises also to cost Reid a lot of playing time, since he will likely be serving an extended suspension for his bonehead decision.

Do not trip the referees.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock