College Camps: A Key Recruiting Tool for Prospective Student-Athletes

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College Program

College camps are becoming more popular, and for good reason. College coaches who host summer camps reap the benefits of bringing student-athletes to their schools. It gives them convenient opportunities to evaluate talent while offering prospects a 
first-hand look at their campuses. Prospects get to check out the facilities and get direct access to the coach with 
few NCAA recruiting restrictions.

As a prospect, not only will you be taking part in an exciting camp experience, you will also be able to form relationships with potential future coaches and teammates. Camps give you tremendous flexibility, within NCAA contact rules, to probe coaches about their philosophies and programs and to get a fix on your standing as a recruit.

Developing a strong connection with the institution, coach and program is essential. Since college recruiting has accelerated to the point where college coaches are committing to prospects
 in their early years of high school, you will be best served if you step up your college search efforts. If a certain coach has been tracking your progress, attending his or her camp makes even more sense.

Consider the following questions before taking the plunge: Have I introduced myself by e-mail to the coach and expressed my preliminary interest in the program? Has the coach had an opportunity to evaluate me as a student-athlete in person, via video and/or through my personal profile?

The point here is simple: if you are considering investing time and money to attend a college camp, get the best bang for your buck. If you are
 registering "high" on a coach's radar, and his institution ranks in your top tier
 of schools, attending camp could be a wise choice.

When your camp experience is over, you'll know that you:

  1. Drove your skill set
 and awareness as an athlete to a higher level
  2. Took the opportunity to interact
 with coaches and players, and gained a greater appreciation for the institution
  3. Communicated to the coaches your sincere interest in their program and walked away with sound feedback to where you currently stand as a prospect

The point about achieving a higher skill level is important. But attending college camps can provide additional benefits, such as 
strong recruiting relationships with specific college coaches. Evaluate your current position in the college
 search, determine your course of action and close in on recruiting opportunities that are right in front of you.

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