A Quick Guide to College Football Camps

Breaking down the two main types of camps football players should consider attending.

Want to improve your college prospects over the summer? Consider attending a college football camp. Here's a quick rundown of the two main types of camps that are available, and what they offer.

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Satellite Camps

Football Camps

Coach Jim Harbaugh made a huge splash when he announced he would host 30 college football recruiting camps across the country from L.A. to south Florida, which would give student-athletes a chance to get noticed. These camps are great to attend since most of them are hosted by college programs. A good example of an elite satellite camp is Sound Mind Sound Body in Detroit. Coaches from all over the country, including those from top Division I schools, attend this camp.

Other satellite college football camps that offer exposure to a wide variety of college coaches are the Chicago Land camp, hosted by Northwestern University, and the Ohio State University one-day Elite camp.

This part of the college football recruiting process helps prospects save a few dollars while being seen by many schools at one time. The camps have more value since so many schools have access to prospects who can't travel to several universities during the summer.

One-Day Camps


Most colleges host one-day camps on campus, where prospects can get a good idea what it would be like to attend that school. Players meet most, if not all, of the coaches and have an opportunity to see the school's facilities. One-day camps are good to attend for junior and seniors, but athletes should let the school's staff know they are coming so they don't get lost in the shuffle. Some one-day camps have over 1,000 prospects.

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