Do You Really Need a College Recruiting Service?

Do you really need to pay for a college recruiting service? Find out how you can take your college search further on your own.

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When you're a top prospect, you don't need a recruiting service. Unfortunately, most athletes don't fall into this category. That's why dozens of college recruiting services exist to help high school athletes realize their dreams of playing at the collegiate level. But before you sign up for one of these services, do the research. Most of them deliver less than they promise. Don't get caught up in the hype.

Your main goals during recruiting should be to create a highlight video and get it in front of coaches at the schools you're interested in so they can evaluate your skills. That's how coaches decide whether to pursue you in the recruiting process. No service will change a coach's opinion.

Nevertheless, some athletes may need or want a little help from a recruiting service. If you're one of them, watch out for two major red flags when selecting a company:

  1. Being asked to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars upfront. You're probably not going to get what you pay for. Many companies offer the same or similar services for little or no money. Look for free or cost-effective options, and don't waste your hard earned cash on expensive college recruiting services.
  2. If they limit the number of contacts with their "expert." Be wary here. If they were truly interested in helping you, they would make themselves available to answer your questions at any time.

Services like my company,, offer a free recruiting resource. Athletes are able to organize all of their information in a clean, professional manner. They can then send links to college coaches at no cost. Other companies provide similar kinds of assistance.

Save your money, use our resources and take advantage of any other free services you can find. Combined with help from your high school coach, this should be all you need to boost your recruiting potential.

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