4 Things to Remember When Writing Your College Recruitment Letter

A simple letter is usually the first step toward getting noticed by a college coach. Put your best foot forward with these tips from STACK Expert Valerie Prause.

Writing a recruiting letter

If you are interested in playing sports in college, the first step in the process is your initial contact with the coach, usually via a letter or e-mail.

Here are some tips for crafting the perfect college recruitment letter.

Actually Write It

Make sure you are the one taking the time to write the letter. Are your parents trying to get recruited? Probably not. So they shouldn't write the letter. Coaches want to hear from athletes who are interested in their program, and to try to get to know them before deciding whether to recruit them. It is perfectly fine to have someone else look over your letter before you send it, but do the writing yourself.

Personalize It

A recruiting letter is similar to a cover letter prefacing a résumé for a job opening. One of the most important aspects is personalization. Make sure you correctly address the coach by name, and provide specific reasons why you are interested in his or her school. A personalized letter stands out more than a generic letter, which was probably fired off to 20 other schools. This is your opportunity to let the coach know who you are.

Check Your Grammar

Just as you would for a cover letter to a prospective employer, proofread your work so it contains no grammatical errors or run-on sentences. Errors make it difficult to convey your message and show the coach that you did not take the time to read through your letter and correct mistakes. You always want to leave a good first impression, and a clean letter shows you took the time to do it right.

Include Critical Information

Stick to critical information, including your name and address, contact information, teams you play for, current coaches and their contact information, awards received, year of graduation and GPA. If you are interested in a school because of a specific program it offers, mention that as well. List any upcoming tournaments or games so the coach knows when he or she can watch you compete.

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