Cold? Try the Columbia Diamond 890 Turbodown Hooded Down Jacket

STACK reviews Columbia's Diamond 890 Turbodown Hooded Down Jacket and pronounces it great for winter weather.

Gone are the days of the giant down-filled coat. Well, I mean, some people still wear them; but in the last few years, technical advancements in garments have made jackets smaller and lighter while keeping you just as warm as, if not warmer than, their puffy brethren. I recently had the pleasure of testing one such jacket, Columbia's Diamond 890 Turbodown Hooded Down Jacket.

Since this jacket weighs about as much as a large apple, I was skeptical about its ability to keep me warm. However, after putting it on and going outside, I realized I should only wear it on the coldest of days. Its 850-rated down combines with 40 grams of Columbia's proprietary Omni-Heat synthetic insulation to keep you extra toasty.

Columbia's Diamond 890 Turbodown Hooded Down Jacket

Columbia outfits much of their cold weather gear with Omni-Heat reflective lining (like small reflective mirrors inside), which works like an electric  blanket to keep you warm with your own body heat.

When I work out in the jacket—e.g., bike commute to work, run or hike—it takes about a minute to start feeling the heat recycling inside. Although it's filled with down, the jacket can fold up into one of its pockets, creating a bundle the size of a small football, perfect for traveling or for use as a pillow. Most days, I just wear the jacket over a t-shirt and I'm good to go, even in below-freezing temperatures.

This is my go-to jacket for the rest of the winter. It's a great light-weight alternative to hoodies and multiple layers for training outdoors. Find yours at

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock