Prepare for Battle This Football Season with Combat Sit-Ups

The Combat Sit-Up is a great twist on an old favorite that's perfect for football players.

NFL DE Dwight Freeney Sit-Up

Tired of the same old sit-up routine for your core?

Try Combat Sit-Ups, a great twist on the classic exercise that packs an extra punch, football style.

Combat Sit-Ups offer numerous sports performance benefits, including:

  • Hand speed
  • Reaction
  • Timing
  • Blocking
  • Aggression

What You'll Need

A partner and boxing mitts (hand pads) or a blocking pad

How to Perform

Have a partner hold the mitts. Every time you perform a Sit-Up, strike the mitt with your:

  • Right hand if partner shows right mitt
  • Left hand if partner shows left mitt
  • Both hands if partner shows both mitts

Coaching Points

Don't punch the pads. Instead, hit them with an open hand like you would on the football field. Remember, you are not training for a boxing match. You are using the Combat Sit-Up to enhance your football skills.

Depending upon your goals and fitness level, you can perform multiple sets of fewer repetitions, or one large set of Combat Push-Ups. We often use this as a finisher to the workout by performing one set of 50 reps.

No partner or boxing mitts? You can still complete this sit-up workout by placing a pad against the wall. The reaction component provided by a partner will be missing, but you'll gain all the other benefits.

Learn the move through the video below.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock