Come Ready Supplements Take Aim at Making Protein Tasty and 'Clean'

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There are a ton of protein supplements out there, but it can be hard to find one that tastes good and isn't laden with junk. You need supplements that provide protein, taste great and aren't going to weigh you down before an activity.

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Come Ready Nutrition has supplements that do just that. Their products leave no unpleasant aftertaste and are made with ingredients that sit well in your stomach, even during performance.

The company's products include Clean Protein Bars and Clean Protein Powders. Come Ready Clean Protein Bars are only made with ingredients that are or were derived from plants.

"Less is more in today's bar," Come Ready Nutrition founder Pat Cavanaugh said. "For our platform, we work off not putting ingredients into someone's body that is going to upset their core system."

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 From Caramel Crunch and Chocolate Brownie to Dark Chocolate Blueberry Almond and Dark Chocolate Sea Salt, there are six flavors to choose from as listed on their website.

Come Ready Protein Bars

Come Ready protein powders come in two flavors, vanilla and chocolate. While many other brands of protein have multiple ingredients in their powders, Come Ready's vanilla only has six and chocolate only has seven.

With that relatively small number of ingredients, they provide a rich chocolate taste, while the vanilla is refreshing. When put into a shaker, the protein breaks apart quickly, making the drink smooth and clumpless.

Both powders, vanilla and chocolate, contain 25 grams of 100 percent whey protein. The powders are gluten-free, have 0 grams of sugar and deliver 120 calories per serving.

Come Ready Protein Powder

To guard against gastrointestinal (GI) issues, Come Ready products don't contain sugar alcohols. Sugar alcohols are a calorie-free sweetener that allows manufacturers to put together bars that taste better without all the sugar, but that can leave you feeling bloated, gassy, or like you want to sprint to the bathroom.

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Making sure your stomach feels great after eating Come Ready was a big goal. Cavanaugh said, "Whether you are playing football, basketball or running, if your stomach is screwed up and it's not right, you probably are not going to have your best performance."

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