Get Pumped for the NBA Season With This 'Roll Call' Commercial Featuring Common

The NBA's latest commercial should get you pumped up for the new season, which tips off on October 28.

There are plenty of reasons to get amped about the 2014-2015 NBA season, which kicks off on Oct. 28. LeBron James is back in Cleveland, teamed up with Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving. Derrick Rose is healthy again and leading a revamped Chicago Bulls team. Paul Pierce is playing for the Washington Wizards, which is both weird and exciting. People persist in calling the San Antonio Spurs old, but they play an incredibly effective brand of basketball, and they are still the team to beat.

If all that doesn't give you enough motivation to turn into an NBA fan boy this year, perhaps this new commercial from the league, voiced by Grammy award-winning rapper Common, will push you over the edge. Entitled "Roll Call," the spot shouts out everything that is great about the sport we call basketball and gives love in one way or another to all 30 teams. Less than two weeks, people. Get excited! Join the NBA conversation by using the hashtag #EverybodyUp.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock