Common Smartphone Apps That Are Useful Fitness Tools

These everyday apps can help you achieve your fitness goals.

The online world is changing, and for athletes, that's a good thing. With highly functional smart phone applications, it's easier than ever to track your workouts, organize your training schedule and stay motivated. Here's a list of everyday apps that have surprising benefits for your fitness adventure. It's not just the fitness apps that should get all the attention.

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Google Calendar

Google provides a fantastic free calendar service that gives smart phone users the same accessibility as laptop users. The calendar goes wherever you go, and automated reminders jump straight to the screen on your device.

Reminders are important. You may wish to schedule your workouts and place them on your calendar as weekly appointments. Another fantastic use is to set reminders for meal preparation times. For example, I spend an hour on Sunday when I cook, prepare and freeze my meals so that I'm ready for the week ahead. I have a 7 p.m. slot on my calendar that reminds me to do just that.

The calendar can also be used to reinforce a habit. If you know you crave ice cream at 10 p.m., set a reminder for 9:30 that will prompt you to have a small bowl of Greek yogurt instead.

Google Maps

This application has saved me from getting lost on a number of occasions! However, Google Maps have many other functions that a fitness fanatic can learn to love.

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The obvious benefit of Google Maps is its locator service. When you're in a foreign land, you need a destination for your morning run, or to find an old-school boxing gym so you can spend an evening hitting the bags.

Mapping routes also becomes simple. If you wish to enjoy a leisurely 5K run on vacation, consider using Google's easy "pick up and drop" marker. This allows you to map a simple route, measure your running distance and use satellite navigation to stay on the right path. Google even allows you to save the route if you want to.


I believe the key to a better body, whether in performance or physique, is accountability. It's a fantastic motivator, and Snapchat is a great way to insure it.

In January 2014, Snapchat released "My Stories," a video screening addition that allows you to keep your content on the social media app for 24 hours. Get your friends, family and teammates to follow you. Take a selfie in the gym, show them a video of a new skill you've been working on and take snaps of your tasty, healthy lunch. As soon as your Snapchat contribution lowers, your followers will notice and will call you on it.

Weather Underground

We've all been there. We wake up while the rest of the family sleeps in, throw on our sneakers and optimistically hope for a good run. Then we hear the sounds of raindrops, pelting away at the concrete outside.

With a network of over 180,000 weather stations, Weather Underground provides a 10-day forecast that's as accurate as they come. It also offers an overview of expected temperatures.

Basic Camera App

If you own a smart phone, you own a camera. If you own a camera, you can record your sports skills. Many phone applications help by including a frame by frame scroll and slow motion.

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