Corner Torching With Marques Colston

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Watch video from Marques Colston's strength workout

Last fall, you may have been able to twist opposing cornerbacks like a pretzel. But when you take your game to the next level, don't be surprised if a shutdown corner locks you up. In college and the pros, everyone has game, so it's up to you to separate yourself from the crowd.

New Orleans Saints stud wide receiver Marques Colston could always use his big body to muscle s

mallercorners, but he added a lighting-quick step off the line to his repertoire. According to Lynn Goff, Colston's summer strength coach [and strength coach and athletic trainer at Professional Athletic Performance Center], working on glute activation and triple extension will give you the separation you need.

Goff says, "We're really looking to kick in that glute engine so he's powerful, quick and more agile as he's running." She prescribes Single-Leg Hurdle Skips to teach Colston's body how to move quickly and efficiently. "It's teaching glute activation and triple extension, key components of getting off the line fast and making moves downfield," she says.

In just two years, thanks in part to Goff's agility work, Colston went from a small-college gamble at Hofstra University to an NFL corner's worst nightmare. Try this one out and see if you can make defensive coordinators plan their game around you.

Single-Leg Hurdle Skips

Set-Up: Place six 12- to 18-inch mini hurdles two yards apart in a straight line

• Facing row of mini hurdles, place right leg in middle of first hurdle and left leg outside it
• Skip over each hurdle with right leg, making sure to drive foot into ground between hurdles; keep left leg straight
• Sprint 10 yards after final hurdle
• Perform for specified reps; switch legs

Reps/Rest: 3 each leg/Walk back to start

Coaching points: Your trail leg should remain slightly behind your body and be used as support during each skip // Stay on the ball of your foot when you land // Make sure to fully extend hip, knee and ankle // Maintain a good arm swing and go through minihurdles as quickly as possible

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock