Could You Survive Army Ranger School?

Army Ranger School is considered by many to be the military's most grueling test. Learn about the mental toughness required to take on this challenge.

Army Ranger School

You're an athlete. So you're tough. Of that, there's no doubt. But could you survive Army Ranger School? Many people consider it the most grueling endurance test the military has to offer. Out of thousands of highly trained soldiers who attend the school each year, nearly half flunk out.

Among the challenges you would face in the first week of the 61-day school:

  • A 15-mile march with 65 to 90 pounds of gear on your back
  • A night-and-day navigation test with no flashlight
  • An obstacle course featuring a mud pit covered with knee-high barbed wire

After the first week, tests only get tougher. Candidates are allowed zero to five hours of sleep per night and only 2,200 calories of food per day. They routinely suffer dehydration, frostbite, heat stroke, stings, bites, fractures, muscle tears and nerve damage.

After one hour of Army Ranger School, you'd never complain about two-a-days again.

In the months ahead, STACK will talk to men and women from all branches of the military to learn how they developed the mental toughness to persevere through trials the rest of us can only imagine.

Through their experiences, you'll find out what it takes to push through the fourth quarter, even when every muscle in your body is screaming for you to quit. You'll learn how the great ones are able to rise up when it matters most. Who knows—you may even be inspired to take on the Army Ranger challenge yourself some day.

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