Cowboys Offensive Lineman La'el Collins Has Awesome Custom Pancake-Themed Cleats

Cowboys offensive lineman La'el Collins has amazing custom pancake-themed cleats.

La'el Collins

One of the least watched positions in football has to be offensive lineman. Although linemen are the backbone of any offense, they get no love. Maybe it's because they don't score touchdowns or aren't flashy. Well, Dallas Cowboys guard La'el Collins plans on bringing a little flash this season.

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When NFL fans think of an athlete wearing cool gear or nice cleats, they typically think of skill position players. Collins aims to change that. The second year player had custom pancake-themed cleats made this off-season. This fits well for Collins, who was a pancake machine his rookie season.

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The Nike cleats are different shades of brown with what look like streams of syrup dripping down the sides. The best part is the melting butter square on the curve of the Nike logo. If this doesn't make Collins hungry, we don't know what will.

Even though the NFL's strict uniform policy covers cleats, we have a feeling that Collins will give these cleats a try during the regular season. The fine might be hefty, but it would be worth it. Check out the spikes below.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock