The Best CrossFit Fails of All Time

There are two types of people in the world: those who love CrossFit and those who love CrossFit fails. Where do you fit in?

To show you what not to do, each week STACK brings you a moment from the weight room or sports field gone horribly wrong.

After 10 months of writing Fitness Fail Friday, I've discovered that the Venn Diagram of people who love CrossFit and people who love CrossFit fails looks like this:

The Best CrossFit Fails of All Time

If you're on the left, I apologize in advance for what comes next. Actually, you might be happier if you just click here. Please know that STACK does not hate you, your sport or your five-toe shoes.

If you're on the right, keep reading. You're going to enjoy this.

Kipping Katastrophe

Watching someone do Kipping Pull-Ups can feel like watching a three-year-old put the dishes away while standing on a chair. You know something's going to break, you just don't know when.

The Box Jump of Death

There's no graceful way to fail a four-foot Box Jump. You either succeed or you need to take a concussion test. Also, maybe it's a good idea to never jump on a stack of flimsy plastic platforms.

Way Too Much Weight Guy 

We've featured this guy before, but we had to bring him back for an encore. Every second of this video is perfection.

The Bad Box

The overwhelming majority of CrossFit boxes are staffed by smart trainers who know their stuff. But there are a few bad boxes. How do you know if you need to switch? Here's a hint: If someone shoots a video at your box and names it "The Worst Weightlifting Video in the History of Weightlifting Videos," you're probably at a bad box.

Autobots, Roll Out!

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