Crush Your Abs With This Quick Mini-Band Routine

These 4 exercises will help you get some cut abs.

Now more than ever, the most important thing you can do is get a good ab workout in.

Why? Because it's almost summertime. Duh!

There are a million ways to get a good core workout in, but here is a unique way you can get it done. The best thing about this workout is that you need minimal equipment. A mini-band like the one I use in this video can be found in almost every store that sells workout equipment, and they are fairly cheap.

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How to do it

  • Perform the first exercise for 40 seconds
  • Rest for 20 seconds
  • Perform the exercise again fro 20 seconds
  • Move on to the next exercise and repeat this sequence

Hanging Mt. Climber

Put the band on the tops of your shoes, jump up to a pull-up bar or anything that lifts your feet off the ground. Staying very stable (try not to sway or swing) bring one knee to your chest and keep your other leg straight. You'll work your rectus abdominus and hip flexors while stretching your lats and working your grip. No need to go super fast.

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Band 4-Corners

This one always baffles people when they find out how hard it is. It might look easy, but your core will be screaming. Hold a solid push-up position, keeping your low back stiff and your body aligned from head to toe. While holding that position, move your hands and hit the 4 corners. Pretend you are drawing a big box with your hands (up, down, up, down). Get it?

Hanging Raise to Open

This is where it gets tough. Go back to the hanging position and again place the band on the tops of your shoes. Keeping your legs straight, slowly bring them up to hip height. As you bring them up, spread your feet apart as wide as you can. Then bring your legs back together and bring them down. Go slow with these and take your time. Your abs will be screaming, and the outside of your hips will be lit up.

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Renegade Row

Go back to push-up position, only this time place the band around your thumbs. While holding that position, bring one hand to your rib cage and keep your other arm straight. The faster you go, the more your hips will want to sway. Refrain from doing that and keep your hips stable!

There you go! Knock this out two or three times a week and watch your abs get shredded!

Chase It!

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