Curtis Samuel Shocked Himself With His 4.31 40-Yard Dash

Samuel says he wasn't even clocking times in the 4.3s leading up to the event.

Curtis Samuel is a rare athlete.

The versatile Ohio State H-back racked up 865 receiving yards and 771 rushing yards for the Buckeyes last season, making him the only player in the country with at least 700 yards in both categories.

Samuel showcased his freaky athleticism at the NFL Combine when he ran a lightning-fast 4.31 in the 40-Yard Dash. If it weren't for that pesky record-setter John Ross, Samuel would've recorded the fastest 40 of any receiver at this year's Combine.

It was a scintillating display of pure speed from Samuel, but the wide receiver wasn't expecting to run that fast. Like, not even close to that fast.

At Ohio State's recent Pro Day, Samuel revealed that his sprint at the Combine was a massive improvement over the results he saw during training. "I'm not gonna lie, I didn't expect that," Samuel told "My times in training weren't 4.31 or 4.3s at all, but once I gave my body the proper time to rest and heal, I [was able] to pull off something like that. I'm grateful."

You can almost see the surprise in Samuel's face in the Uninterrupted video he recorded shortly after he finished the Combine:

Why did Samuel suddenly see such a big improvement in his results? Like he said—rest and recovery.

Samuel played in every game for OSU last season, including the Fiesta Bowl game on New Year's Eve. He led the team in receptions and finished third in carries. Shortly after his grueling season wrapped up, he  began training with EXOS. Combine training is an absolute grind, as the athletes must strive to improve their numbers on a very tight timeline. When Samuel finally got to enjoy a few consecutive days of quality rest and recovery just prior to the Combine, his body was able to get back to 100 percent. That's no accident—EXOS designs their programs with the intention of prepping each player to peak at the Combine. That's exactly what Samuel did, so much so that he even surprised himself.

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Curtis Samuel

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