Customize Your Fueling With You Bar Energy Snacks

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Given that energy bars are easy, convenient and portable fuel sources, they're quite popular among athletes who are constantly on the go. But do you ever feel confused or overwhelmed when trying to choose one at a store? Maybe you can't find the exact bar you need. Perhaps you're allergic to gluten or peanuts. With You Bar, you can design your own bar to suit your personal preferences and meet your nutritional needs as an athlete.

First, choose your bar size and ingredients, starting with your base—peanut butter, dates, etc.— and different types and amounts of protein. Then select your various nuts/seeds (think omega-3 fatty acids), fruits and grains (think antioxidants and carbs), sweeteners and other flavors. Finally, you get to name your creation.

Your You Bar will be filled with fresh, 100-percent natural ingredients. You can even view your bar's nutritional info as you create it.

If you're not up for designing your own, you can still get a taste of what You Bar has to offer by checking out their most popular bars. Try one an hour or so before practice. Or eat their protein-packed Training 33 bar after a workout for a quick and nutritious recovery treat.

You Bar gives athletes an important reminder:  you control what goes into your body, which will dictate how you feel and perform.

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