Gaming Update: 'Dark Souls II,' 'Killer Instinct,' 'Mario Kart 8' and 'Final Fantasy 14'

DLC could be coming for 'Dark Souls II,' 'Killer Instinct' targets cheaters, 'Mario Kart 8' is imminent, and the 'Final Fantasy 14' PS4 version is announced.

Last week, Bandai Namco changed their tune on DLC for Dark Souls II; Killer Instinct announced plans to target cheaters; a release month for Mario Kart 8 was announced; and Final Fantasy 14's PS4 arrival was revealed.

DLC Could Come to Dark Souls II

Dark Souls II may end up with downloadable content after all. After dismissing the idea last year in favor of delivering a "full experience" within the game itself, the developer apparently reconsidered in response to fan feedback. "There is definitely potential," producer Takeshi Miyazoe told OPM. "Again it's all about fan feedback. Right now we are concentrating on completing what we've got, but I think there are next steps on how we can expand on Dark Souls II."

Miyazoe also revealed that hollowed players can be invaded in the game. "There will be penalties for players who invade, but still lose. There are risks. And there will be 'policemen' against invaders and a ransom system, where if you constantly invade or kill NPCs, there will be motivation for summoned players to go after you." he said.

Dark Souls II will be released March 11 for PS3 and Xbox 360.

Killer Instinct Will Punish Disconnecting Players

In an forthcoming update for Killer Instinct, Double Helix will target gamers who frequently disconnect from games to prevent losing matches.

Players who have played at least 10 games and have a disconnect rate of 15 percent will be sent to jail, where their profile icons will change to a custom icon and they will only be allowed to play against other jailed gamers. The first trip will last 24 hours, with each subsequent offense costing a player an additional 24 hours in jail up to 5 days. Players who disconnect and are sent to jail will receive a loss for the match.

In other news, Spinal has been added to the game's player roster. He is available for purchase for $4.99. Watch the trailer above.

Mario Kart 8 Coming in May

During a strategy briefing last week, Nintendo announced plans to release Mario Kart 8 in May. It will be the first Wii console version of the series since 2008's Mario Kart Wii, which became the best-selling racing game of all time with more than 34 million copies sold.

President Satoru Iwata also said that the company is considering offering discounts to faithful fans. "We'll offer discounts to steady, regular customers," said Iwata to Nikkei.

Final Fantasy 14 Coming to PS4 on April 14

Final Fantasy XIV: The Realm Reborn will be released for the PS4 on April 14. Beta testing starts Feb 22. The Realm Reborn was initially released Aug. 27 for the PS3 and PC.

Gamers can now pre-order various editions of the MMORPG. The Collector's Edition with physical and digital items costs $79.99; the digital-only Collector's Edition sells for $59.99; and the Standard Edition costs $39.99. Pre-ordering any edition will allow a gamer to participate in Early Access, which kicks off April 11.

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