WATCH: Darnell Dockett's Off-Season Training Looks REALLY Intense

NFL off-season lifting is always fierce, but Arizona Cardinals DE Darnell Dockett shows off more than impressive strength.

Arizona Cardinals DE Darnell Dockett is hitting the weight room hard. Dockett tore his ACL last summer, but a couple weeks back, he shared his explosive Sled Rows (while wearing a training mask) in full form.

Lately, Dockett has been taking it indoors. He recently posted two more training videos: one showing off some serious Shoulder Shrugs, and two, ripping off some brutal Pull-Ups alternating with Knee-Ups—complete with chains.

The Shrugs are shown below, captioned "#savage" and "#borntolosebuilt2win." Check out the Pull-Ups in the video player above.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock