David Fincher Music Video Comedy Series Lands at HBO

David Fincher will direct 'Video Synchronicity,' an HBO series set in 1983 Los Angeles.

HBO has ordered a 1980's era music video comedy series from high-profile filmmaker David Fincher (Gone Girl, The Social Network), who will direct and executive produce the show.

Titled Video Synchronicity, the series, set in 1983 Los Angeles, follows a wide-eyed college dropout named Robby who arrives in Hollywood with the ambitious dream of directing a sci-fi epic. He winds up as a production assistant working for a company that makes music videos.

Reminiscent in some respects to Entourage, this project will focus on key players in the music video industry—directors, record executives and crew members—during this exciting period, which saw the rapid emergence of music videos as an art form. The stories will be told from the fresh perspective of newcomer Robby, who is portrayed by Charlie Rowe of The Red Band Society.

The show also stars Sam Page, who has worked with Fincher on TV's House of Cards.

Regarding Fincher's upcoming motion pictures, there have been reports that the filmmaker will return to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo movie franchise to direct the next installment, titled The Girl Who Played with Fire, although Fincher is not yet officially attached to the project.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock