David Ortiz Got the Best Retirement Gifts From the Seattle Mariners

What will David Ortiz do with all of the retirement gifts he receives from MLB teams?

Boston Red Sox designated hitter David Ortiz has received some cool retirement gifts this season. The Minnesota Twins gave him a jar of peanut butter. The Texas Rangers gave him cowboy boots and belts.

In truth,the man known as Big Papi has been showered with gifts.

On Wednesday, the Seattle Mariners added to Ortiz's trove of retirement gifts with 34 pounds of salmon. Ortiz signed with the Mariners in 1992, and he started his career with the Twins.

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The Mariners even arranged for Pike Place Market Fishmongers, a fish market in Seattle, to throw a fish onto the field.

Besides all that salmon, the Mariners gave Ortiz a frame of the contract he signed with Seattle, a painting and a necklace.

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Ortiz got a solid haul from the Mariners, and with 56 games left in the regular season, he will doubtless be receiving so many more gifts that he might have to add a room to his house to hold them all.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock