Deshaun Watson Is Preparing for the NFL Draft by Deadlifting Over 600 Pounds

The former Clemson quarterback is throwing around a lot of weight.

Deshaun Watson, perhaps the most scrutinized quarterback in the 2017 NFL draft class, is almost at the finish line. He completed the NFL Combine. He held his Pro Day (to mixed reviews). Now all that's left is to continue training.

Watson is doing just that, spending time in Southern California with quarterback coach Jordan Palmer and trainer Ryan Flaherty, polishing his mechanics and throwing motion, and demonstrating his impressive strength in the weight room.

A few days ago, Watson posted a picture of himself deadlifting what appears to be over 600 pounds. If our calculations are correct, that's a whole lot of weight for a quarterback to be hoisting.

Watson's show of strength helps explain his ability to absorb hits and bounce back whenever he took off running at Clemson—though that attribute will be a little less desirable in the NFL, where most teams encourage their QBs to remain in the pocket.

Still, Watson is no joke in the gym, and if it helps him remain durable at the most important position on the field, the team that drafts him on April 27th is going to be thrilled.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock