New Details Revealed About Multiplayer Mode for 'Destiny'

Gamers recently got a glimpse at multiplayer mode for 'Destiny.' Learn more about the highly anticipated game at STACK Gamer.

'Destiny' Multiplayer Mode

Game Informer recently revealed new details about Destiny's multiplayer mode via an exclusive interview with Bungie's Lars Bakken, who served as the multiplayer lead for Halo 3.

The team at Bungie envisioned a cohesive world, both online and off. The character a gamer creates and levels up in single player mode will be the same one he brings online. Although this approach adds depth to both experiences, it also creates concerns about balance. Bakken said, "It's an ongoing process of trying to make sure the things you bring in—the shotgun you found, for example—isn't going to completely clean house when you bring it in to competitive multiplayer." However, he promises that systems "behind the scenes" will keep players and weapons from becoming too overpowered.

When asked how the game will compare to Halo's famous multiplayer, Bakken said it will be faster, "more lethal" and much more punishing for careless players. Standard assault weapons will be more powerful, which Bakken expects will make combat more fun and satisfying.

He also expressed the hope that players will see the maps and say, "these are Bungie maps," recognizing the company's asthetics. He was tight-lipped about how single-player and multiplayer modes will link, but he promised that players will have plenty of incentives to play both.

More information on Destiny will be available on Game Informer's website throughout the month of December. Find it here. 

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