Work Out in Style With a Deuce Watch

Workout in style with Deuce watches. Check out STACK's review of these athlete-friendly watches.

Deuce WatchesNo athlete wants to wear a bulky watch during a workout. Enter the Deuce watch, the ultimate timepiece for athletes.

Deuce watches were designed from the start with athletes in mind. The rubberized construction is durable and doesn't absorb sweat when you're dripping wet from a hard conditioning workout. It's so light (10 grams), it will never distract you from your training, and it's comfortable enough to wear throughout the day. Plus, it's water resistant up to 100 feet, so you never have to worry about damaging it in the rain or in the shower.

Deuce offers several models, but they all have the same basic date and time functions. Each model is available in a range of stylish colorways, including the standard primaries and other more flashy tones. You can also get your favorite NCAA team logo on your Deuce.

We enjoyed wearing a Deuce watch during our workouts and throughout the day. It is only slightly more noticeable than the rubber bracelets athletes often wear. We did wish the watch had a stopwatch function to time runs or rest periods, but these functions were sacrificed in favor of a more lightweight, durable design.

If you want to wear an affordable ($30) but stylish timepiece during workouts, give the Deuce a try. Check out their options at


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock